Elisabetta Mossinelli

Critica espresso

"Critica Espresso" is a words’ lab, specialized in dealing with creativity: its aim is helping the customer to communicate with texts, tailored on his needs and his purposes. Texts are written following some basic guiding lines: Understandability, synthesis and effectivity.

"Critica", criticism, is the activity of who studies an artwork in depth, explaining its meaning and showing the complex net of cultural relations, making it understandable for everyone.
"Espresso", express, which means fast, quick, refers to the way in which my criticism is produced: no need to wait for months to have a clear, effective text that suits the customer’s requirement.

Far away from the traditional, dusty criticism, "Critica Espresso" aims to build simple texts that can explain your work (either it’s artistic or hand-crafted) in the easiest and fastest way.

Our customers are artists, craftsmen, designers, actors, musicians: creative people who need to communicate through words the spirit of their work, the sense of a project, the architecture of an exhibition or a catalogue.