Elisabetta Mossinelli

We’d like to help our customers in communicating their activities, throughout words and images: telling a story, highlighting a skill, explaining a peculiar way of artistic expression.

We offer:
- biographies
- data sheets
- presentations
- professional criticism
- web writings and editing
- press-releases
- professional high res pictures

Depending on the specific requirements we can provide visual artists with criticisms, descriptive texts, biographies, data sheets, explanations of a single piece or of a life’s work.
Thanks to the collaboration with a professional photographer we may also provide high quality pictures of your works, suitable for publishing in catalogues, press kits or websites or even only for your personal portfolio.

A good text can highlight the aesthetic qualities of your hand work or explain the production cycle, describing the materials used and the specific techniques: throughout words it’s possible to communicate the philosophy of a product, making it more charming and appreciated.
Promotional brochures or leaflets are extremely useful in fairs or collective exhibition, where communication with the potential clients is fast and must be effective and clear, apart from reflecting the craftman’s peculiar style.
We can also provide high res pictures, essentials both for personal documentation and commercial communication.

Through words we can tell an artist’s career, define a character and communicate the spirit and philosophy of a show; this can be extremely useful to capture the interest of journalists, reach a wider audience and even for fundraising.